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Our team of experts has a wide range of experiences and specialties, allowing us to tackle cybersecurity challenges of virtually every size and type.

The Complexity of Today's Threats, Vulnerabilities and Technologies
Requires Expert Help.

Social media and how we work today has fundamentally changed cybersecurity risk posture. Covid-19 has forced many companies to pivot to a remote workforce. Your policies, procedures, and standards may not have kept pace with the changes.

Despite growing network complexities, many cybersecurity departments are dealing with less budget dollars and need to be as effective as possible with the budget they have approved.


Cybersecurity Consultation Services
Built to Keep you Protected, Within Budget.

Cybersecurity Assessments

Whether it’s to gain compliance, justify your security budget or identify vulnerabilities, Secutor’s expert consultants analyze your cybersecurity controls with your specific goals and objectives in mind. This allows us to focus our assessment on where it matters for you, saving you time, money, and the risk of a cookie-cutter fix that doesn’t provide a reliable solution.

Secutor Cybersecurity Assessment System

Secutor’s Assessment system is our human-centered cybersecurity service which allows us to deeply assess, review, and identify any IT vulnerabilities throughout our client’s organization, so you can maintain compliance and preemptively address any problems before they become costly incidents.



The Secutor Cybersecurity Assessment System


Assess Security

We take the time to learn about your business and network controls and how your cybersecurity program mitigates risk.


Identify Threats

We analyze the people, processes, and technology in place to quickly uncover any weaknesses or vulnerabilities across your network.




Implement Solutions

Our experts help you implement solutions that fit into your information security budget and are designed to mitigate the risks identified during our threat assessment.


Define Action Plan

With your specific cybersecurity goals and objectives in mind, we provide recommendations to improve and fix any identified vulnerabilities. We clarify the exact solution needed so you have the choice of using our experts or your own team to implement them.


Network Security Architecture

Through the use of several industry-proven solutions and our team of expert consultants, Secutor can help you model and understand your network, and ultimately turn your network architecture into network security architecture.

What Makes our Network Security Architecture Solutions Unique?

  • Secutor enables an automated, comprehensive, and continuous inspection of your network architecture. In addition, our service is resilient to cyber events and network interruptions, so your network and business systems are consistently protected.
  • Our continuous validation of network segmentation and holistic firewall rule audits ensure your network security is consistently reevaluated and optimized as your network changes and grows over time
  • Our service combines network architecture with vulnerability management to pinpoint vulnerabilities which are exposed to threat sources by your network
  • We provide bake-in security, not bolt-on

Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

The best way to stay on top of today’s threats is to proactively review & assess your network security with measures like application and network penetration testing, so you find new vulnerabilities before criminals do.

Web Application Scanning

Secutor’s dynamic deep application scanning covers all of your apps, giving instant visibility of vulnerabilities like SQLi and XSS. With programmatic scanning of SOAP and REST API services, we can also test IoT services and APIs used by mobile apps and modern mobile architectures.

Penetration Testing & Analysis

Penetration & Vulnerability testing puts your system to the test before criminals do, allowing you to identify any vulnerabilities before they become costly. After thoroughly scanning and appropriate attacks have been tested, Secutor’s experts identify and report any discovered vulnerabilities or infections, including zero-day threats via behavioral analysis.

We Help Ensure Compliance with:

Our expert cybersecurity consultants have in-depth experience ensuring compliance with COBIT, FFIEC, FISMA, HIPAA ISO 27001, NIST 800-37, PCI DSS, RMF and 800-53.


Additional Services

While the above-mentioned services are the most common services we provide, Secutor’s experts have experience and knowledge across virtually every aspect cybersecurity, including:

Perimeter Security:

  • Perimeter Firewall
  • Perimeter IDS/IPS

Network Security:

  • NAC
  • Datacenter firewall
  • Enterprise Message Security
  • Anti-Malware
  • Enterprise Wireless Security
  • Enterprise Remote Access
  • Web Proxy Content Filtering

Endpoint Security:

  • Desktop Firewall
  • Host IDS/IPS
  • Endpoint Security Enforcement
  • Patch Management

Application Security:

  • Static App Testing/Code Review
  • WAF
  • Database Monitoring/Scanning
  • Dynamic App Testing

Data Security:

  • Data/Drive Encryption
  • Data Integrity Monitoring
  • DLP
  • Identity & Access Management


We Don't Sell Products. We Solve Problems.



Top Cybersecurity Talent

You work with only the best and most experienced cybersecurity consultants, averaging 22 years of industry experience.


People First

We put you, our customer, first. Before profits. Before products. Above all else. We empower our consultants to do what’s right for you, with your success and bottom line in mind.


Proven Methodologies

Our systems have been built on decades of industry experience, ensuring reliability and efficiency in all of our solutions.

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