The Advantages of Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS)


Due to growing frustration over traditional network drives and their unpredictable and sometimes uncooperative behavior, there has been an increasing demand for simple and flexible file synchronization and sharing solutions.

Although there has been a drastic improvement to these solutions over the years, these tools are still prone to improper management and employee misuse. As a result, sensitive information has become too accessible to the wrong people, and companies have been searching for more secure solutions.

Let’s explore some fixes that will help your employees get more done, securely.

Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS)

Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) is a secure software service that grants users access to securely share and sync videos, files, documents, spreadsheets, or photos with employees, colleagues, and customers across multiple devices at once. EFSS services enable companies to use either on-premises or cloud storage, all depending on their business’ compliance and/or security needs.

What are the benefits of file sync and sharing?

EFSS technologies have been implemented by organizations across the globe to prevent their employees from using consumer-based file sharing apps, as these cannot be secured, managed, or monitored by IT professionals.

Many EFSS services include workflow features that enable users to edit files, make comments, or track document versions. EFSS services offer top-notch security solutions such as authentication, data encryption, containerization, and even the ability to allow IT departments to set granular access policies that set access controls for all users. Here are just a few of the benefits of utilizing EFSS services for your business:

  • Secure file sharing

    If a secure file sync and sharing solution is not made available by a company, its employees will resort to using their own personal tools. These tools aren’t controlled by IT, and they may not become aware of any compromised data until it is far too late.

    EFSS services combine both the convenience and the simplicity that personal file sharing services offer along with enterprise-oriented features that not only increase productivity, but also security, flexibility, and control for IT professionals.

  • Anywhere access

    EFSS services enable remote workers by allowing employees to sync their files across all their devices. Employees are then able to access the files they need from anywhere.

  • Data loss prevention and disaster recovery

    EFSS services ensure that your data is better protected from any kind of data leakage, be it from a cybersecurity attack, a device that is lost or stolen, or employee error. EFSS services help keep your data secure and in the right hands.

  • Document workflows and collaboration

    EFSS services are continuing to progress and evolve to include various workflow and content collaboration activities such as:

    • document management
    • legally binding e-signatures
    • automated notifications to remind users to review/approve requests
    • workflow automation with built-in co-authoring, feedback, and approval processes
    • version control so employees can track any document changes across multiple data sources and devices


Because security has to be the top priority for your company (and your IT team), leaving your employees to choose their own collaboration tools is not a viable option. EFSS services offer a secure solution for enabling users to safely sync and share files, all while keeping sensitive information from getting in the wrong hands.

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