These Two Technologies are Going to Change Your Business


I’m sure you’ll agree – keeping up with the latest technologies can be difficult in today’s world.  Just as you start getting used to one upgrade, it’s onto the next big thing.

A lot of these technologies won’t last, and what you see on the internet is sensationalized to grab your attention for likes, shares and subscribers.

Being in the IT & cybersecurity industry, it’s our duty to filter through emerging tech and keep you up-to-speed with what actually is useful for our clients and what to watch out for.

In this article, we’re going to outline two technologies that should not be ignored, as they’ll completely change the way most businesses will operate in the next ten years.

5G Connectivity

When you first hear the word 5G, you probably think of fast mobile internet.

While that is true, the speeds at which 5G operates and what’s been done with both terrestrial and satellite 5G gives a level of connectivity never seen before.

You’ll no longer need a dedicated internet line to your place of business.

5G will be integrated into everyday devices from the consumer level all the way to city infrastructure.  With real-world speeds of 500Mbps. To put that into context, speeds on 4G today top out at about 60Mbps on average.  Previously, a 500Mbps connection was only possible with a hardwired connection hooked up to fiber internet.

With 5G, everything will be connected, all the time, everywhere.

5G will usher in fantastic opportunities, and the only limitation is our imagination on what is possible. To fully utilize these opportunities as they emerge, your business should begin utilizing 5G as soon as possible.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has come a long way in the last few years with most of the development being focused on machine learning. If you have a large enough data set, there are now algorithms that can not only learn, but predict the outcomes of situations and scenarios based on historical data.

Banks now employ machine learning on their customer’s accounts. They can easily spot suspicious activity based on millions of data points. Some banks are even using AI for the ability to predict when a customer is going to leave them and switch to another bank, and can use that information to try and proactively retain a customer before they leave.

Certain recruitment agencies and large enterprises are using AI and machine learning to filter out bad candidates or preferred candidates in the recruitment process.

While AI and machine learning does require some investment, it is now being commoditized to the point anyone can set up a machine learning bot using Google cloud services and a large enough data set. 

The speed at which AI continues to evolve is shocking, and it’s undeniable artificial intelligence will change the business landscape forever. 

A very real-world practical example of this right now is AI bots that can perform document analysis of legal contracts to identify risks that a business may face. Before you know it, your next lawyer might be a robot.

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