Why You Should Choose an IT Provider Utilizing RMM


If you’re paying for a managed IT service, you might be unaware of the following things.

For any managed IT service, it’s quite common that your systems will be covered with a piece of software referred to as RMM – this stands for remote monitoring and management.  It’s crucial for a managed IT service companies’ success with their clients that this is running on all PCs, laptops and servers.

What is RMM?

But what does it do?  Well, the name alone gives you some details – it monitors the health of the technology in your business.  If there’s a problem, the IT company is alerted to the issue before the client is even aware of a problem.

The best example of this is disk space monitoring. If a server or desktop is running low on storage, the IT company will automatically be alerted to the problem. The benefit of this proactive approach to IT support is that the customer has minimal downtime.

Other Features and Benefits from RMM

Other features of RMM software include patch management which is a fancy way of saying “automatic Windows updates”.  I’m sure you’ve had something crucial to do, only to get stuck with the Windows update timer on your screen. 

RMM software allows the service provider to schedule updates and “patches” during off hours. This again leads to less customer downtime.

Other handy features to RMM software is their ability to automate specific tasks. A good example is a scheduled reboot. Like most desktop PC’s and laptops – servers once in a while start to slow down. It’s just the nature of technology. When this happens, the best fix might be something as simple as a reboot of the server.

Rebooting the server usually requires out of hours work due to the nature of what is being stopped. 

The server could be acting as a file or print share, which means that a reboot during office hours could stop the business from running.  As such, this is when a reboot script can be implemented using the RMM software which automatically schedules the reboot at a time when the server is not going to be in use.  3 am on Sunday is very common.

Of course, there are many other features of RMM software; we’ve only giving you a glimpse behind the technology curtain. 

The main benefit of RMM is the proactive approach to your business IT support. Less downtime means that your business is more productive; this is something you can’t get under a regular “break-fix” charge by an hourly IT support agreement.

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