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Our work relies on the expertise of our consultants – and we do everything we can to create a work environment for our team to thrive in.


Secutor is About Creating Heroes

Secutor hires people who have honed their cybersecurity and IT skills over a lifetime, and enables them to become what they are destined to be.

We help experts get away from the “normal” corporate world that just wants to put them into a cubby hole and grind their life away.

They are capable of way more than that, if they would only be given a chance. They become heroes to:

our customers thru having pride in their work and always delivering better than requested;

their family thru earning more money to give them a better lifestyle, while at the same time working less so they can be more present;

and most importantly themselves with the self-confidence that comes from being allowed to challenge themselves and expand their horizons.

The skillsets and knowledge our consultants hold is extremely valuable and nearly impossible to replicate, and we give you the freedom to do your best work, on your terms.

Areas of Service:

Secutor assigns projects to individuals based on the skillsets needed to best serve each individual client. Whether you’re an expert in one or multiple aspects of cybersecurity, we ensure you only work on projects where you thrive.

Prevention and Policy Management:

  • IT Security Governence
  • Security Policies & Compliance
  • Security Architecture & Design
  • Risk Management
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Modeling
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Penetration Testing

Perimeter Security:

  • Perimeter Firewall
  • Perimeter IDS/IPS

Network Security:

  • NAC
  • Datacenter firewall
  • Enterprise Message Security
  • Anti-Malware
  • Enterprise Wireless Security
  • Enterprise Remote Access
  • Web Proxy Content Filtering

Endpoint Security:

  • Desktop Firewall
  • Host IDS/IPS
  • Endpoint Security Enforcement
  • Patch Management

Application Security:

  • Static App Testing/Code Review
  • WAF
  • Database Monitoring/Scanning
  • Dynamic App Testing

Data Security:

  • Data/Drive Encryption
  • Data Integrity Monitoring
  • DLP
  • Identity & Access Management


  • Continuous Monitoring and Assessment
  • SIEM
  • Incident Response

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